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Infos d'actualité - Attelage de Tradition

Cuts à l'honneur dans la News de la CAA


If you'll be in France next weekend ...
... be sure to visit the 15th Cuts International Traditional Driving Competition, which will take place in the chateau park and the beautiful surrounding countryside, May 21-22.

This well-known event attracts numerous competitors and nearly 15,000 spectators each year, from all over Europe.
The organizers' goal is to provide an enjoyable weekend for drivers from near and far, and to provide a memorable show with a unique, family-oriented, and elegant atmosphere.
The event combines tradition, beauty, and elegance with performance over the course of three phases: standing presentation on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday, a country drive of 16 kilometers, incorporating five gates, followed by a cones course. The competition is open to drivers of horses, ponies, and heavy horses.
More than sixty competitors from more than ten European nations take part in this annual event. They will be driving beautifully kept carriages, most more than a hundred years old ... everything from Buggies, Phaeton, and Cocking Carts, to Road Coaches, Berlins, and Hunting Breaks.
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CIAT Seligenporten 2011


Donnerstag 2.6.11
„Schloss zu Schloss“
„Großem Picknick“

Freitag 3.6.11
Samstag 4.6.11
durch die
Wälder von
20 :00
historischen Kloster

Sonntag 5.6.11
9:00 Vorstellung und Bewertung
der Pferde und Kutschen

9:20 Streckenfahrt
mit Fahrkunstaufgaben

14:00 Fahrparcours
(obstacle driving)

16:30 Siegerehrung
große Schlußparade

Tel: 0171 / 8235240
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