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Debrief CIAT KSIAZ 2017





There was a very nice competition again from 14th to 16th July 2017at Ksiaz !

The event went well, with 15 driverss with a better and better level of preparation of the participants, as highlighted by Enzo Calvi, the main judge of the contest.

The weather was excellent and the crowds of the public arrived as always in Ksiaz.

There were 2 singles, 10 pairs, 2 tandems and team of Irek Kozlowski, who won presentation and general.
Second was Krzysztof Idzikowski, who was a winner in pairs.
Tandems won Urbain Van der Voorde.
Total results can be seen on www.ois-wyniki.pl .

Congratulations the the organizing committee and to the volunteers for a well deserved success in this prestigious place !