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The following is a delightful letter that Mr Steigenberger, the organiser of CIAT Bernried received from Ingrid Barth consoling him on the fact that our AIAT events have mostly been cancelled.   She cleverly turned an envelope full of equestrian stamps into a CIAT arena  „The smallest CIAT in the world“


Tutzing, June 26th 2020
Dear Mr Steigenberger,
As I do every year I looked forward this year to the meeting of turnouts in Bernried. Nobody, however, expected such a small virus to be able to turn the whole world upside down…
I´m sure you will miss your“ carriages on this weekend very much and so I´m sending you – for your consolation - „the smallest meeting of carriages of the world“ on the envelope of this letter, in order to show you my gratitude for you organizing this extraordinary event.
I always enjoyed with all my senses sitting under the old trees of the court of the convent, admiring the well turned out and immaculate turnouts with their passengers and – last but not least – listening to your interesting and knowledgable comments.
It has always been a pleasant feature of your event not to be overcrowded. (I advise you strongly not to advertise the meeting in Munich or in your local paper  :-) .)
I wish you and your horses all the best, enjoy your retirement! (I suspect, however, it will turn out to be a busy retirement.)
Looking forward to the event next year
Yours affectionately

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