To all,
A Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year !


Wishes of the President

Dear friends,
sadly enough the past two driving seasons didn’t really have the chance to be  successful ones. Nevertheless some of the tournaments could go ahead as scheduled, mostly in a national dimension, but at least a few of them even internationally.
Each time the participants enjoyed strongly having the chance to meet again.
The organizers deserve appreciation for their courage to host their tournaments with a lot of creativity, regardless of all types of new challenges. Thank you and congratulations on that performance!
At least we all are in a position to harness our horses at home and thus to enjoy lovely moments out in the nature. What a joy will it be to rejoin in the upcoming season at the occasion of turnouts!
Wishing happy Christmas days to all of you with your families, sound health and a « spirit of steel », firmly hoping that we can meet when our traditional turnouts and other events can be held again in 2022.

                                                                       Baron Christian de Langlade,
                                                                                       President of AIAT

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