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Latest News - Traditional Driving

Orbituary Matteo BIANCO



Matteo Bianco

A tragic accident near Torino caused the death of Matteo Bianco on 15th October, and left all of us extremely sad.

He had a real passion for carriage driving, was an excellent driver with a real sense of the discipline, was an appreciated judge since some years, always interested in learning more, when he knew a lot for his young age. He had been warmly welcomed amongst the college of AIAT judges. Only 26 years old, he was promised to a brilliant future as international judge.

Traditional Driving, particularly in Italy but internationally as well, has lost a brilliant young man, who will leave huge regrets and a deep sadness behind him.

I am thinking to his parents, whom I had met at different occasions, and in the name of all AIAT members, I send them my deepest condolences, as well as to my friends of the Gruppo Italiano Attacchi and to my judging colleagues. We all are mourning this charming and always smiling young man, really engaging personality.

At his memory, we shall create a Matteo Bianco Award.

                                                                                              Baron Christian de Langlade,

                                                                                                          Président de l’AIAT