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CIAT Warendorf

Brief & Results CIAT WARENDORF 2015



Concours Internationale d’Attelage de Tradition in the state stud of Warendorf,

June 05th- 07th 2015


The first thing that catches one’s eye are the well-tended grounds of the stud: The beautifully maintained rhododendron bushes in full bloom, the trees of pink roses, the meticulously mown lawn, as well as the stylishly yet functionally designed stables, erected in the days of the Kaiser. Ahead of us the well-raked show ring, behind us the open door of the stables, permitting a glance at the painstakingly swept stable aisle.


No sooner had we entered the grounds of the stud in the early morning when a young lady appeared from nowhere. Having welcomed us warmly, she ushered us to the pitch for our truck and the stalls for our horses. Even the reception desk was ready for inquiries, the young ladies being in permanent contact via mobile phone with Rolf Bette, the brilliant organizer of the event.To cut a long story short, the team of organizers worked to near perfection!


Everybody felt comfortable in these surroundings, which are suitable, indeed, for an event where so many stylish turnouts had gathered to compete in elegance (presentation), horsemanship (drive) and driving skill (cone driving). This year the drivers reconnoitred the drive by bus, a very practical arrangement. The usual PCs were put in unusual settings, eg. a park turning out to be a flamboyant stable block. The drive was concluded by a parade of the turnouts in the historic centre of Warendorf.


The turnouts were presented by modest beginners who were trying this kind of competition for the first time, as well as by established drivers of international reputation. The field of competing turnouts turned out to be a fine mixture of all levels of ambition, typical of the situation among the fraternity of admirers of traditional turnouts. This ranged from a pretty but very fragile (some of its spokes broke during the drive) waggon of a flower-girl to the smart tandem of Andalusians, the stylish cart made by Belvalette, Paris, which was driven in a very impressive way. There was even an amiable turnout pulled by a pair of donkeys. All of them were highly esteemed which was evident from the spectators’ ovations.


The temperature the following day was more pleasant, making the outing to Schloss Freckenhorst an easy drive. This was undertaken to exercise the horses and prepare them for the cone driving in the afternoon. As two years previously, Graf von Westerholt warmly welcomed the drivers at the bottom of the flight of steps decorating the fine 18th century facade of his home. He had generously given permission for the organizers to lay out the drive through his picturesque park.


During the cone driving, which is always the last competition of a CIAT, the turnouts which had already finished the cone driving gradually filled the space beneath the trees round the show ring. In a moderate walk, horses and drivers attentively observed the competitors in the ring. When the last driver had finished the cone driving, all turnouts entered the show ring forming a splendid diverse range of beautiful turnouts. After the price-giving ceremony all turnouts turned to the right to join in the lap of honour, the audience clapping their hands to the cheerful tune of “Good bye my little officer of the Guard...”


                                                                                                          Hartmuth Huber



Results :


Poneys:                      1. Antje Johannsen (D)

                                   2. Lina Vering (D)

                                   3. Wilfried Grahl (D)


Un cheval :                 1. Susanne Heuberger (D)

                                   2. Karl-Heinz Rabe (D)

                                   3. Dr. Hans-Friedrich Kreutzfeld (D)


Paires :                       1. Leo Lemson (NL)

                                   2. Jürgen Mathies (D)

                                   3. Siegward Tesch (D)


Tandem :                   1. Urbain van de Voorde (BE)

                                  2. Henrik Knoche (D)

                                  3. Jörg Boßmeyer (D)


Chevaux de trait :     1. Rolf Beckershoff (D)

                                  2. Anke Stegemeier (D)

                                  3. Burkhard Elkmann (D)


Ânes :                        1. Consuelo de Grunne (BE)


Quatre chevaux :      1. Mathias Pfeifer (D)