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Letter from the President

Christian de Langlade

Dear friends,

Just a word to explain the International Association of Traditional Carriage Driving (which in French translates into AIAT, Association Internationale d’Attelage de Tradition).

The AIAT was founded in 2008 to federate various national associations which are devoted to our living and congenial art and hobby.

Its objectives are to uphold the traditional rules, classify our respective heritage of hippomobiles world-wide, and participate in their maintenance. It also offers a means of communication among amateurs and professionals as well as authorities and public administrations.

It has a mission to encourage carriage driving world-wide, centralize and up-date pertinent information, and perpetrate research concerning restoration of carriages, harness, stabling, and archives related to the subject.

Our association also hopes to facilitate communication among drivers, trainers, breeders, owners….amateur as well as professional…to say nothing of specialists in the arts of construction utilizing historic methods and materials… conveying their know- how and preserving antique methods for transmission to future generations.

Last but not least, we organize (or help to organize) activities related to our aims, and various competitions , CIATs (Concours Internationaux d’Attelange de Tradition)….according to our regulations. All in all we try to support all manner of traditional driving activities.

Our passion is a thing of beauty. We practice it “en famille” or among like-minded friends…in an ambiance of elegance, good humour, and enthusiasm. We are open to all fervent equestrians whether they drive a single pony or a four-in-hand.

Let yourself be carried away by our invitation to join our sensational voyage.

Christian de LANGLADE, Président