To all,
A Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year !


Wishes of the President

Dear Friends of “Attelage”,
Arriving to the end of this extremely “particular” driving season, I would like to tell you all, how much we have missed seeing you and your beautiful turnouts for the nice meetings and competitions, which usually take place in the world throughout spring and summer !
Like most of you, I suppose, I missed the relaxed atmosphere of our events.
Precise preparation of whatever necessary for a good result, careful training of your horses and ponies - beauty and elegance – together with the socializing side of it all, which makes everything so enjoyable, thanks to devoted judges, organizers and volunteers !
I dearly wish that, all together, we keep optimistic and hope for the best in the future, so keen to see each other again in the beautiful surroundings which usually welcome our CATs and CIATs ! There will be an end to the difficult period we have endured …
Make yourselves ready for next season, my friends !!!
With my best wishes and warmest regards,

                                                                       Baron Christian de Langlade,
                                                                                       President of AIAT

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